Deep Darrkness
Deep Darkness (魔境, Makyou) is a fictional location in 1994 for the SNES game EarthBound. Here live many primates, and also the Tenda (a tribe living in a village west stuck in a cave). Ness and his friends visit Deep Darkness using a submarine coming within Dungeon Man (in Scaraba) for crossing the ocean.

Deep Darkness is a combination of marsh and swamp, when the team stepped damp darker (deep) is dangerous because like other symptoms, such as heat stroke, Ness and his friends lose several points of HP and can die as a result. At the entrance to Deep Darkness monkeys reside on the right side and there is an arms dealer with close and you can buy other items such as bottle rockets Jeff Andonuts only can use.

Poo comes after his training with Master Star, and defeat Master Barf by using the PSI technique he has just learned, PSI Starstorm. In Deep Darkness is Geldegarde Monotoli helicopter (Mayor of Fourside) Pokey Minch had used to flee the city earlier in the game. Pokey, however, never appeared.

Deep Darkness Theme

Deep Darkness Theme

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