Dee Jay is a character from the Street Fighter series, first appearing in Super Street Fighter II. He is a Jamaican kickboxer who has made enormous strides in fame in the Street Fighter world not just as a fighter, but also as a world famous musician and recording artist.


Dee Jay is generally a kind-spirited, cheerful, happy-go-lucky man who loves fighting, dancing and composing music rhythms. His conduct is very clear in most of his in-game poses, artworks and pictures where he is always seen sporting a huge smile and a thumbs-up hand gesture. Dee Jay is rarely seen without a smile; such rare moments include the Street Fighter II series loss portraits, and loss by time over in Street Fighter Alpha 3. Dee Jay tends to always see the positive side of everything in life, constantly displaying a highly happy mood and rarely getting upset, angry or sad, even under the worst circumstances. However, despite this laid-back attitude, Dee Jay does not tolerate belligerents who make trouble at his performances, literally kicking them out if necessary.

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