The Dedede Clone is a clone of King Dedede created by the Haltmann Works Company as part of the experiments done on the natives of Planet Popstar during their mechanized occupation. Like the other clones created by the Haltmann Works Company, he appears as a slighty off purple version of the original. He has the ability to split himself in three independent entities.

Kirby series

Kirby: Planet Robobot

The clone serves as the boss of Rhythm Route. It originally fight like the regular king until it takes enough damage and is split into three entities. Once Kirby has defeated the three clones, the D3, a giant mobile cannon, appears and the three clones take control of it. They are eventually destroyed and explode.


Dedede Clone pause screen

Susie somehow managed to acquire DNA from King Dedede, one of the strongest life-forms on the planet, in order to create this clone. It has the voice and look of the original Dedede...and it may be even more powerful.

Dedede Clones and D3 pause screen

Something was missing from Dedede's clone -- a weapon of immense power. When Susie realized this, she introduced the D3 Cannon, a tridimensional cannon controlled by three Dedede Clones.

Dedede Clone 2.0

It has the look and voice of King Dedede, but not his soul. Some things can't be cloned. Some of the trial models were only interested in food, some were fearful of a certain insect, and all were imperfect.

Dedede Clones and D3 2.0

This tridimensional cannon is extremely expensive, costing a whopping four times more than Mecha Knight. However, it's still much cheaper than Haltmann's Executive Suit, which is made of pure gold.

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