Debora Briscoletti is a playable character exclusive to the DS version of Dragon Quest V.


Because she was given whatever she asked for as a child, Debora has a very impatient and bossy personality that rubs most people the wrong way, even her own father. She has a bit of a reputation in Mostroferrato as an ice queen that should not be crossed and anyone who is brave enough is just begging for trouble.

Debora also seems two-faced, as when Mr. Briscoletti has Nera's suitors come into their house, she makes it seem like she has no interest in marrying anyone, but when her father reveals they are there for her younger sister, she seems insulted or just arrogant about being brushed off so easily by her father. She does this with the Hero as well; when he has to pick between Nera and Bianca, she then takes a sudden interest in him. If he does pick her, she acts arrogant claiming he was always infatuated by her and if he does pick another bride, she angrily berates the Hero for not being enough of a man for her.

As a wife, Debora treats the Hero more like a servant then a husband, making it clear from the start that she is the one wearing the pants in their relationship. She confesses she married the Hero only because he seemed the type that would do everything for her and expects to be treated like a princess and anything below that would be unacceptable, she also only joins the Hero in his quest for his mother so that she can keep her eye on him. Despite all that, she does treat the Hero with some affection at times, calling him pet names like "hubby" and "darling" and even caring for his well being when they visit the ruins of the Hero's old home, commenting that she wants him to rest a bit after seeing the destruction. She shows affection in humorous ways though saying that he "is the best servant I ever had and could never replace him". At times she also expresses fear that the Hero would actually leave her. When the couple reach Whealbrook and talk to the soldier who deserted from Coburg, she expresses fear about the Hero "deserting" her and if reassured he wouldn't ever do so, she shows relief and even a bit of joy.

As a mother, she comes off as very strict towards her children, and at times leaves them a bit sad or upset, but she does make it clear that she only is so because she worries for them. She is in fact very loving and nurturing as shown in the game's cutscenes and in game dialogue. The children also have a good relationship with her and love her as much as she loves them. Although they do express surprise to know their Father would marry such a fiery-tempered woman.

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