Deal or No Deal is a Nintendo DS and Wii video game based on the popular NBC game show in the US (hosted by Howie Mandel), based on a Dutch show. This game allows you to recreate the Deal or No Deal experience.

26 cases are presented with varying dollar amounts, you are to choose one and eliminate others in groups. After each group of cases is eliminated, the "Banker" calls to make an offer to buy your case for an offer of money based on the values of the remaining cases. You may either accept the banker's offer or continue eliminating cases hoping to move the offer up, or to hope that you picked a case with a high dollar amount.

If you accept the banker's offer, the game is over and you win what the banker offered.

If you keep refusing the banker's offer and are left with one case on the stands as well as your own, you are offered to switch cases if you want. Afterward, the amount you won will be whatever is in the case you chose.

The United States had a video game made after its version, and several other countries followed with games based on their own version.


Game Boy Advance

  • Deal or No Deal NA.png

Nintendo DS

  • Deal or No Deal NA.png
  • Deal or No Deal Special Edition NA.png
  • Deal or No Deal: The Official Nintendo DS Game UnitedKingdom.gif
  • Deal or No Deal: The Banker is Back! UnitedKingdom.gif
  • Deal or No Deal Germany.gif
  • Postcode Loterij: Deal or No Deal (NT)
  • Deal or No Deal AU.png


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