de Blob 2, which was previously known as de Blob: The Underground before release, is a sequel to de Blob, the Wii-exclusive platformer released in 2008. The Wii, Playstation 3, and Xbox 360 versions were developed by Blue Tongue Entertainment, and the DS version was developed by Halfbrick Studios. All versions were published by THQ and Syfy Kids. A version for the Nintendo 3DS was also been confirmed, but that version was eventually cancelled.




In de Blob 2's console versions, it is a few years after the ending of de Blob. It is Prisma City's election, and a strange priest, Papa Blanc, really Comrade Black in disguise who was the antagonist of de Blob, is trying to win the election by cheating, using metal arms in the voting booths that press the Papa Blanc buttons on the voting screens. The INKT Corporation drains all color from the city, and turns its citizens, the colorful Raydians, into colorless Graydians and Blancs. Like the original, Blob and other the four members of the Color Underground, Zip, Arty, Bif, and the Prof, along with the newest member, Pinky, must repaint each gray, white, and black building, defeat Inky soldiers, and liberate Graydians and Blancs, and turn them back into Raydians.

In de Blob 2's handheld version, has a different story than the console versions. The evil Dr. Von Blot, who is Comrade Black's chief scientist, has experimented with creatures to create a new kind of Mutated Ink. Blob finds the scientist's underground laboratory, and is forced to stop Dr. Von Blot's evil scheme.


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