Dazzling (JP) and Queenly Majesty are Pokémon abilities introduced in the seventh generation. It prevents attacks with high priority.


Pokémon with Dazzling or Queenly Majesty prevent attacks that have priority over 0 that target the Pokémon with Dazzling or Queenly Majesty. This includes moves like Quick Attack and moves boosted by the abilities Prankster, Gale Wings or Triage. PP is still consumed though. When this occurs, the text "[Pokémon] cannot use [Move]!" is displayed.

Moves that target all Pokémon (excluding Perish Song, Flower Shield and Rototiller) or all foes cannot be blocked by this ability. This ability also has no effect on an ally's priority moves. Status Z-moves with priority will have their Z-Power still activate. Mold Breaker also ignores

Pokémon with Dazzling

Pokémon with Queenly Majesty


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