Davis ​is a CO who appears in Advance Wars: Days of Ruin.


Davis was first a military cadet in the 12th Battalion; it is unknown whether he was separated during the meteor strikes or if he was transferred to another unit. However, he joined the NRA in their fight against the reformed Lazurian Army. A year after the meteors came, a search-and-rescue unit of the 12th Battalion encountered him with a heavily damaged force. After dispatching the attacking Lazurians, Brenner recognized him and inquired about his previous situation, which led to them joining Greyfield's fight against Lazuria. Brenner, Greyfield and Waylon immediately disagreed with each other on several topics, and Davis was used as a negotiator. Following the escape of the Lazurian forces and the 12th Battalion's mutiny, Davis was seen leading the initial attack on the small encampment. When Will defeated his forces, he disappeared for an amount of time, but was revealed to be one of the NRA troops heading to Salvation to be cured of The Creeper. After the defeat of The Fanatic, he was presumed to have died in the battle or from the virus, as he was known to be very near the deadly stage.

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