Dash Bowman is a character in the Star Fox series who made his debut in Star Fox Command. He is a grandson of Andross, and even though his grandfather is an enemy of the Star Fox Team, Dash wants to be part of it and helps them out in the battle of the Anglar Army.


Following his grandfather's footsteps

In an alternate ending of Star Fox Command, Dash stays behind on Venom to finish what his grandfather initially started. In the years that followed, Venom matches Corneria in almost every way. In time, Dash states Venom has replaced Corneria as the center of political power in the Lylat system. In months, a small conflict turns to war.

Pinnacle of the new world

In another alternate ending of Star Fox Command, Dash converted Venom into a peaceful planet. Intending to build a new world with himself in charge.

Star Falco member

In another alternate ending, he decides to join Falco and Katt to create the rival mercenary organization Star Falco, although his reasons are unknown.

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