Darting Blow is a skill in the Fire Emblem series introduced in Fire Emblem Fates. It increases the user's speed when they start combat.


In Fire Emblem Fates, the skill is learned by flying Hoshido units. The Speed of the unit is increased by 5, likely triggering double attack.

Fire Emblem Heroes

In this game, it is a Type A passive skill that grants increased speed if they initiates combat. Staff Users cannot learn the skill. Stage 1 can be used to learn Sturdy Blow, Swift Strike and Swift Sparrow

  • Darting Blow 1 - 50 SP - Spd+2 if unit initiate the attack
  • Darting Blow 2 - 100 SP - Spd+4 if unit initiate the attack
  • Darting Blow 3 - 200 SP - Spd+6 if unit initiate the attack


Fire Emblem Fates

The skill is learned by Sky Knights at level 1. It is also learned by Falcon Knights and Kinshi Knights as they level up if they haven't learn it.

Fire Emblem Heroes

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