Anakin Skywalker, later known as Darth Vader, is the main villain from the Star Wars film trilogy series and also appears in many of the games. He was a Jedi Knight and Dark Lord of the Sith who served as Darth Sidious' 2nd-in-command.

Originally a slave boy from Tatooine, he was believed to be the "Chosen One", destined to destroy the Sith and bring balance to the Force. He trained under Obi-Wan Kenobi, a Jedi General of the Republic during the Clone Wars.

He was also the secret husband of Senator Padmé and father of the twins Luke and Leia. He later began losing faith in the Jedi Order and turned to the dark side out of desperation to save his wife, becoming Darth Sidious' 3rd apprentice.

After surviving severe injuries in a duel on Mustafar against Obi-Wan, he was put in a cyborg suit to help him survive. He served under Sidious for years, until being redeemed by his son and sacrifcing himself to save him by killing Sidious, thus fulfilling the prophecy of the Chosen One.


Character traits


Darth Vader is often depicted as a cruel and evil person, but he does love his son, Luke Skywalker. In the final battle of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, Darth Vader spares his son.

Un-controlable Anger

There were many parts of the movie where Darth Vader is seen strangling his staff members.


Game appearances


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