Darmani ​is a character in Majora's Mask.


In life, Darmani was a renowned Goron hero. He was considered the greatest warrior of his tribe and possible heir to the Goron throne. He suffered a terrible accident when he ventured to Snowhead Mountain to find and stop the culprit that was causing the devastating winter that threatened his people. On his way to the Snowhead Temple, Darmani was knocked off the path and into the deep valley below by the blizzard caused by Biggoron and lost his life.

In death, he was doomed to haunt his somber grave in the Goron Graveyard. He became full of regrets and felt sorrow for failing his people. Link can heal his spirit by playing the "Song of Healing" to free him from his regrets. Darmani sees visions of when he was a renowned hero and the Gorons cheering him on. Link's face then appears and Darmani decides to leave Link his powers in the Goron Mask, allowing Link to transform into Goron Link when worn.

When spring returns to Snowhead upon the defeat of Goht, the Goron Elder announces to Link his plans to step down as patriarch of the tribe and hand the position over to Darmani, whom he mistakes Goron Link for.

Darmani also enjoyed the Goron Races while alive.
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