Darkwing Duck is a platforming game released for the NES, based on the Disney Afternoon television show of the same name.


The game was made by slightly tweaking Mega Man 5, and thus has incredibly similar gameplay and other features. The player is first given a crime scene to investigate, and Launchpad flies to that area. The main game, like Mega Man, is a simple sidescroller. Darkwing Duck gathers gems and gold for points, while killing enemies with his gas gun (albeit shooting pellets, much like Mega Man). Weapons can be chosen from a subscreen, also like Mega Man. There is one checkpoint per level, and one boss per crime scene.


Another feature resemblant of Mega Man is that Darkwing drops from the sky (presumably from the Thunderquack), much like how Mega Man teleports to the ground.



  • The NES game was featured on the cover of Nintendo Power V36.
  • The game is considered to be relatively rare.

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