Darkest Dungeon is a gothic role-playing game released for the Nintendo Switch. In this game, the player's party deals not only with challenging foes, but also disease and stress taking away their sanity. The game received a retail release that includes the two expansions; The Crimson Court and The Shieldbreaker.


The game is a dungeon crawling role-playing game, but it has a tactical and deep trade-off system where the player must manage improving their characters and dealing damage while recovering from both physical and mental damage. The player order is important since characters in the front are at more risk. Characters can be equipped with provisions and trinkets to reduce the risk along with skills.


At the start of the game, the player learns that they have inherited an estate from an adventurous relative that in digging up dungeons and catacombs beneath the land for fame and glory, had revealed portals to other dimensions and released numerous dangerous creatures into the world. As the new owner, the player recruits adventures to remove the vile new residents. As the player delves deeper within the manor, they will discover the relative's memoirs, explaining how and why this happened.


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