Dark Crafter is the final boss of Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, starting after beating Claycia in Purple Fortress. He is the game's true antagonist, having possessed Claycia when she started wearing the glasses he resided in.


When his true form is revealed, Dark Crafter manifests as a blob possessing a single eye. Two hands that strongly resemble Grab Hands float beside him, similar to Andross's battle form in the Star Fox series. During his battle, the Dark Crafter covers himself in patches of colour.

Boss Battle

The Dark Crafter and Kirby will square off in a death-race style fight. Kirby has his rocket power throughout the battle. The Dark Crafter will attack by launching bombs from his eye. These bombs can hurt Kirby, who must steer around their area with Elline's help. Kirby must grab 100+ stars to build up his Star Dash metre, and then use those stars to perform a powerful charge at the boss to damage him. Once his body is colored completely black, the Dark Crafter self-destructs, dying.

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