Darius Twin(JP) is the first home console installment of Taito long running Darius series. Like all the Darius games, the enemies ship look like marine creature. The "Twin" in the title likely come from its multiplayer mode.


The planet Orga is attacked by the evil armada of the space dictator Belser. The heroes embark in their "Silver Hawks" ship to battle Belser.


The Silver Hawk battle the boss "Dual Shear SP".

The ship have three major feature, Laser, Sidearm and Shield. The player can upgraded these systems by picking up powerup icons (Red for shot, green for sidearm and blue for shield.), one icons will immediately powerup either sidearm or laser while the shield take five icons to upgrade. Two type of icons also exist, an orange one which give an extra life and a yellow one which destroy all enemy on-screen.. A noticeable feature of the game is the death-penalty. Unlike most shooter, the ship don't lose power in his weapons after dying. However, there is no continue, If all lives are lost, the player must start over from the beginning.

The branching path system.

The branching path feature has been kept. However, it has been simplified heavily. There is only 12 stages, for a total of 24 possible paths.

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