Dangoro is the mini-boss of the Goron Mines, the second dungeon in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess for Wii and Nintendo GameCube. Dangoro is the Goron in charge of protecting the Hero's Bow.


Dangoro is a large Goron, even comparably to Darbus in size. He wears metal armor on top of his arms and back and a helmet. He also wears blue pants and anklets. He has a soft belly that jiggles after falling down. Without his helmet, his head resembles somewhat the Goron Mask with his horn, oval-shaped head and exaggerated lips. He also has bright blue eyes.


Dangoro concept art

Concept Art

After moving onto the magnetic platform, Dangoro notices Link and jumps onto it, breaking the chains and sending the platform to ride the tumultuous lava below. Since the platform is unstable, Link must equip the Iron Boots or he will easily fall off. Dangoro will then approach Link slowly. Link can attempt to swing at him but, he blocks all attacks with his armor. However, when he winds up for an attack, his stomach is exposed and slashing enough times will case him to fall down and curl up into ball form. He will rev up and then charge at Link. Link must then grab him and throw him in the lava. If Link fails to grab him or does not have the Iron Boots equipped, he will be launched backwards and take damage. If Link lands in the lava, he will die and the fight will have to be restarted. Once he falls into the lava 3 times, his helmet will come off and he will acknowledge Link's strength and allow him to access the Hero's Bow.

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