Dandara is a 2D metroidvania released on the Nintendo Switch in 2018 by Raw Fury. Instead of walking, Dandara bounces off the walls and ceilings to move. It is based off the tale of the Afro-Brazilian warrior of the same name


Dandara is a weird platformer where she can only move by jump between the white surfaces on the floor, ceiling and wails. The control stick controls where she aims with a white line in the direction Dandara will go and a green arrow on the spot where she should land. While she does not get invincibility frames, she does float and can freely aim where she can go next.

When standing, she can fire her weapon with her main weapon being relatively short-ranged. It can be charged to fire more shots and a bit longer range. Upgrades can be purchased at campsiteswith the salt earned from defeated energy improving health, subweapon energy and more but, all salt is lost when defeated with only one chance to recover it.



  • The game's release date is also the same day Dandara was reported arrested
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