Dan Hibiki is a character from the Street Fighter series, first appearing in Street Fighter Alpha. He is an arrogant, overconfident, and feeble self-taught martial artist that runs a failing dojo.


Dan can be best described as being his own worst enemy. Dan refuses to back down from any fight, usually due to overconfidence, though this easily turns to arrogance or sheer stupidity. Although weak, Dan seems to still be somewhat intelligent and knowledgeable, possessing some knowledge of fighting styles; he acknowledges in Super Street Fighter IV that E. Honda uses moves that wouldn't actually be considered legal in Sumo (with the only other persons noting are Rufus and Gouken).

Despite his miserable record of losses, Dan still believes himself to be the superior fighter; his ego is so bloated that he even sometimes tries to steal credit for other people's actions. For instance, in Street Fighter IV, when being rescued by Ryu and Sakura from an engulfing explosion, Dan announces that it was his "awesome power" that saved everyone from perishing. Regardless, Dan strives to live up to his father's good name despite falling short of it.

Despite being portrayed as a arrogant and cocky man, Dan is ultimately good-natured and thoughtful; as an example, he says in his Super Street Fighter IV win quote against T. Hawk that he can relate to being homeless and "totally feels his pain" (despite T. Hawk not minding). Dan sees himself as a fatherly figure and mentor to his friend Sakura, constantly advising her on fighting techniques, though Sakura doesn't take his 'expertise' seriously, seeing him simply as a humorous and fun guy to be with. He also tends to lecture Blanka, his other friend, about "real manhood" and the Saikyo arts, much to Blanka's bemusement; both are close friends, strangely enough.

Dan has a deep dislike of Ryu and Ken, mostly on the grounds of them being the more revered fighters and Ken's "ladies man" persona. He has also been shown to be quite unpopular with the other characters, usually because they tend to have little patience for his antics.


  • Dan's spirit in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is the weakest primary spirit, which is likely a reference to how Dan in Street Fighter was a Joke character made to be weak.
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