Dalmatians 4 is a video game, released for the Nintendo DS and Wii, on 2008, and published by infamous, now defunct company Phoenix Games. While there is a variety of mini-games targeted for young children, the game has the peculiarity of having more of a movie called ...more Dalmatians, a sequel of the 1997 Dingo Pictures movie Little Dalmatians, rather than playable portions.

Movie plot

The three small Dalmatians live with an old lady in a little town. One day they hear about, that a neighbor bought hearts made of gingerbread at the market. "Gingerbread!” Kruemel beams with joy. "Our old lady loves gingerbread!” "Me too", says Tuepfelchen. "We go to the market and get a heart of gingerbread there”, suggests Kruemel, "that would be a nice birthday-present for our old lady." But the marketer has no understanding for the three small Dalmatians, which take some pieces of his gingerbread. He calls the police and let the dogs bring into an animal shelter. Only Tuepfelchen escapes and decides to free her friends.


The animated feature included, like most Dingo Pictures features released by Phoenix Games, has been widely panned, for its cheap-looking animation, awkward-sounding english dub, irritating characters, and misplaced music. It's also considered, along with box arts and other movies of the whole Dalmatians franchise by Phoenix Games, mainly a rip-off of Disney's One Hundred and One Dalmatians.

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