Dalaam is a town from the SNES game EarthBound. It is the home of the main character Poo and has no direct connection to other areas, so it must be visited through PSI Teleport. Dalaam appears to be in a portion of land floating from the Earth.

Places of interest

Dalaam's most important building is the royal palace, home of prince Poo, which shows gold structures and elephant statues. Poo's servants and Mu trainer live inside, while the rest of Dalaam villagers have their own houses, south of the palace. There is also an entrance that leads to Pink Cloud through a cave full of lightning enemies. To the east, there is a lone cliff where Poo at first passes his training, battling his own ancestor.

Important residents

  • Poo is the prince of Dalaam. He becomes an important character in the story and becomes playable.
  • The Star Master is an old man who teaches Poo the power of PK Starstorm.