Daisy Hills is the second course of the Mushroom Cup in Mario Kart 7.


It is extremely beautiful, and it's belonged to Daisy. It highly resembles Dutch landscape. The sky is shining blue with sizzling sun and friendly clouds. There is an peaceful ​water, biting goats and brown bridge. There is also yellow market. At start, drivers start in the yellow market with Miis, orange houses and green trees. Then they turn left onto the dark soil and brown bridge. Not that there is a small shortcut before the bridge. The bridge floats above the water. Anyone who falls into the water will get rescued by Lakitu, unlike most underwater courses. After that, there is two biting white goats. Drivers must avoid these animals or you'll get knocked out. Past the ledge bridge and goat creatures, there is a slender log stick with coins above. This makes it easier for drivers to perform a trick and increase speed when landed on barren soil. Behind the logs, there is a short curve. Note that there is a shortcut. Drivers drift next to the chalky mountain with green mould growing about. There is another attacking goat. Bumping into him makes victim knocked out and lose coins. Behind the male goat, there is a safe wooden bridge with brown wood guardrails. After that, there is very long curve with brown wood road on left that has lots of boost pads similar to that of curves from Luigi Circuit (Wii version). Note that there is a shortcut. After much drifting, there is a deep bridge with fire boosters and blue gliding pad. Drivers glide through a colossal water lake while avoiding hot-air balloons. After gliding great distance, drivers drive on Dutch market with water fountain. Note that there is a 'shortcut' but it doesn't seem to look like it's shortcut. After that, drivers head to finish. This must be repeated double times.


  • At start, there is a small shortcut which requires a Mushroom. It's between 1st bridge and finish line.
  • Behind bridges and goats, there is a long, hilly shortcut next to mountain. Needs a Mushroom or better
  • After going through bridges, there is a shortcut which leads drivers on soil and thin lake. Needs a Mushroom or better
  • After gliding, there is a faster path which can be accessible by stretching right on the building's roof.
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