Daisy Blossom
Daisy Blossom is Princess Daisy's Final Smash.


When Daisy Blossom is used, two images of Daisy frame the screen as the camera zooms in on Daisy's dancing. All grounded opponents receive 10%, 20% or 30% damage (depending on their distance from Daisy), and fall asleep, and three large health-restoring daisies (each healing 20%) appear around the stage. Once the Final Smash is complete, Daisy can heal herself easily and get free hits on her sleeping opponents.

The move is also effective against aerial opponents. Characters grabbing the ledge will instantly fall off, acting as an instant KO. Opponents above the ground will fall, and automatically be put to sleep. The closer to the opponent Daisy is, the longer they will sleep. The move is very difficult to mash out of, especially at higher percents.. The move has a limited, albeit fairly large, range.

When initiating the Final Smash, Daisy will remove all items in play, except for ones held by fighters. This can be used to her advantage, as she can potentially get large amounts of KOs when holding powerful items such as a Home-Run Bat.

The move is a clone of Peach's Final Smash, Peach Blossom, with the only differences being that it features images of Daisy instead of Peach, an orange flower motif in place of Peach's pink hearts, and the large peaches are replaced with daisies; all of these differences are purely visual, however.

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