Daisy's Rodeo is a Game Boy Advance game part of the Mario Party-e series, and is played using an e-Reader. To play the game, you must scan the two dotcodes on the card 49623A 06-A013 (Daisy).


You play as Daisy, who must hang on to a mechanical Bowser which is trying to fling Daisy off. To hang on, you must press the B, L, or R button to balance at the correct time. The game lasts ten seconds, and if you stay balanced for that long, you win the game. The entire game seems to take place in an open stadium, and a crowd can be seen in the background.


On the card itself, it gives these instructions:

"Draw 3 cards from the top of the Deck to exchange with 3 cards from your Hand. Return your 3 Hand cards to the top of the Deck in any order."

Once the game is scanned, the game's menu gives these instructions for gameplay:

"B, L, R : Balance"

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