Daichi​ is a capturable boss character from Fire Emblem Fates on the Birthright and Revelation routes. A scoundrel who poaches Kitsune for their fur, Daichi leads a gang of ruffians to capture Selkie in Paralogue 10.


Daichi appears in Paralogue 10, where he chances upon Selkie when she accidentally stumbles into her father's world after chasing a butterfly in her Deeprealm. Daichi promptly orders his subordinates to surround and capture her, as she, oblivious to the danger that he poses to her, mistakes their actions as an attempt to play with her. Fortunately for Selkie, Corrin's forces are located close by, and they, following Kaden's lead, manage to halt Daichi's plans. In the ensuing battle that follows, Daichi is either slain or captured.

Daichi also appears as a potential visitor in the DLC chapter Museum Melee.

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