​Dai Goroh ​is a playable racer from the F-ZERO series. He's the child of Captain Falcon's rival Samurai Goroh and makes his primary appearance in F-Zero GX.


The only son of Samurai Goroh, Dai Goroh takes after his father very much. He first entered the F-Zero Grand Prix at the age of 10 and proved himself to be an able pilot. He's an excellent swordsman and often excels beyond his father in overall skill. He's also skilled at sports, but he isn't very good at mathematics. He's known to be quite a handful and loves to pull pranks (like putting a frog in his father's mouth while he was sleeping) and run around with his sword in the air. Even Dai Goroh's father can't control him.

Dai Goroh has great respect for his dad and boasts about him being the greatest thief ever. His most valued treasure is a plastic action figure modeled after his dad. He entered the Grand Prix so that he could try and beat Captain Falcon and earn the respect of his father. He doesn't follow his father in all respects, as he modeled his racer, the Silver Rat, after Antonio Guster's Green Panther. Goroh plans to spend any money he wins on himself.

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