Dagran is Zael's best friend in The Last Story. He is a young man just like Zael. Dagran has fought along with Zael throughout the continent, wanting to pursue the dream of a better life by becoming a knight. In the past, Dagran has promised Zael to make sure they both become knights.

He is initially the tritagonist, but later becomes the secondary antagonist and the final boss after it is revealed that he's been working with Zangurak to recreate the world for personal revenge.


Dagran has olive skin and golden irises. He is rather muscular and tall, as he is one of the strongest fighters in the game. He has short black hair which is partially shaved at the temples and is adorned with a single feather. He also has sideburns and some stubble on his chin. On the back of his neck he has an abstract tattoo. Through his left ear is a yellow and black earring.

Dagran's concept art shows him wearing clothing similar to the Heavy Armor and Greaves. He wears a white short-sleeved shirt, over which he has a sleeveless black jacket. He wears dark trousers and thigh-high black boots with spurs as well as a black waist cape. He has a red belt as well. He wears little armor save for some dark waist and leg armor, and spiked sabatons (other artwork depicts him wearing some arm armor and a shield). However, he wears various pieces of additional accessories, including many colorful bracelets, fingerless gloves, necklaces, and armbands. The concept art also shows him with a katana and his Traive (the first sword he ever bought).

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