Dagdar ​is a playable character in Fire Emblem: Thracia 776. He is a reformed bandit, the leader of the Mount Violdrake Bandits, who went straight due to Eyvel's influence. He later went on to help found the Fiana Freeblades, a small band of outlaw do-gooders, mostly concerned with helping the knight Finn and the mysterious swordmaster Eyvel protect the exiled young Prince Leif. He is the father of the tomboyish archer Tanya who also works for the Fiana Freeblades, he also serves as the father-figure to Marty a dumb but good-natured ex-bandit. If Chapter 8x is skipped, Dagdar will become the Deadlord Tigris. Due to Marty's ending title, it is speculated that Dagdar may have fatherly or even romantic feelings toward the young brigand.

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