DK's Stone Statue is the third board in the story mode of Mario Party DS. It is accessed after beating Hammer Bro. at Toadette's Music Room. It is owned by Donkey and Diddy. The boss minigame is Hexoskeleton and the boss is Dry Bones


Mario and Co. come and see Diddy Kong, who explains he is upset because Dry Bones turned Donkey Kong into a statue. The gang then fights and defeats Dry Bones, curing DK. A grateful Diddy Kong then gives the gang the third Sky Crystal. Following this, Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong remember the invitation to Bowser's Castle for food and run to it.


The features of this board are Donkey Kong Country themed. If you stand on certain ? Spaces, a barrel will appear and cause anyone on that floor to lose ten Coins. Another allows you to randomly pick a vine and get an item. Another still allows you to climb a rope to the next level. The ? Spaces in front of Dry Bones' Coffin cause you to be sent back to start.

Stars are always on the second to last space of the third floor and you may buy as many as you want for twenty Coins each.


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