DJ Phantasmagloria is a character making her debut in Luigi's Mansion 3. She is the game's anti-penultimate boss, located in the Dance Hall, which is located on the 14th floor.

Physical Appearance

DJ Phantasmagloria has a red afro that conceals her black hair, as well as red lipstick, purple earrings, blue bracelets, and headphones around her neck. She is dressed in a red off-shoulder shirt and purple skirt.


DJ Phantasmagloria startles Luigi with loud noises from the speakers when the green-clad hero makes his way into the disco area.

DJ Phantasmagloria has two phases for her battle. During her first phase, she is not fought directly, but instead, she has 8 Disco Goobs fight Luigi. These Goobs will play Monkey In The Middle with the Elevator Button in their possession. Luigi must find the one with the button and capture that one. Selecting the wrong one just continues the Keep Away game.

Once Luigi catches the one with the button, DJ Phantasmagloria enters her second phase. She will spin around and toss some Compact Disks that deal damage and act like Grinders do. Luigi must use Burst to knock her Afro off and flash her eyes before she can put it back on. Once she is captured, the ghostly DJ will perform some disco poses before Luigi sucks her entire body into the Poltergust G-00 and can grab the elevator button, which lands in the middle of the dance floor.

Names in Other Languages

  • Nihonjin: Disc Jockey Afurodīje. This name actually comes from English terms: Afro (a hairstyle akin to a Perm) and DJ (disc jockey, which is what Phantasmagloria is.)
  • Español: Jefe De Discoteca (Disc Jockey) Bailiau. This comes from Bailar (to dance).

The other names are claques of her English name or her Japanese name.

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