DJ Octavio is the leader of the Octarians and the final boss of Splaton's single-player mode, Octo Valley. He is fought in the mission Enter the Octobot King!, and appears in a snow globe-like tank near Cap'n Cuttlefish after being defeated for the first time. He eventually escape mind control Callie and come back as the main antagonist and final boss of Splatoon 2's single-player mode.

Appearance and Traits

Unlike most Octarians, which appear to be severed tentacles of octopuses, DJ Octavio is an octopus in his entirety. He is a dull red-violet with darker areas around his eyes and tentacles, and appears to be perpetually angry. He wears a large gold helmet in the style of kabuto with an octopus-shaped emblem on the front, and one of the two tentacles that are always crossed in from of him bears a large, green, X-shaped scar identical to the ones seen on other bosses. He sits inside of a flying machine equipped with a pool of purple Ink and a turntable, which he plays using plentiful stalks of wasabi. The turntable also has four cannons on the front, two extendable fists and a set of thrusters allowing it to fly. Surrounding the machine is a large, magenta-colored force field, which neither Agent 3 nor their Ink can pass through. It is only visible when close to the machine, as a warning to the player that they need to push it back to a comfortable distance.

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