DAEMON X MACHINA is a mech action and third-person shooter video game, released for the Nintendo Switch console in 2019. It is the spiritual successor to the Armored Core series.


Similar to Armored Core games, the player controls a quick flying mech. The mechs can carry a wide variety of weapons and destroy both the enemies and environment. It has some customization for mobility and durability and mechs can be unlocked by playing through the game.

DaemonXMachina E3-2018 scrn19

Footage from the E3 of a mech against a boss.


The game was originally announced during E3 2018 as a mech action game with the intent of acting as a spiritual successor of the Armored Core series. A demo of the game was made available after a Nintendo Direct broadcasted on February 13, 2019 during which the release window of the game was narrowed down to summer 2019.

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