Cyber Stadium Series: Base Wars is a futuristically-themed sports game, developed by Konami and released for the Nintendo Entertainment System in June 1991.


Set in the 24th century wherein baseball team owners have grown tired of paying outrageous player salaries, they decide to replace their rosters with cyborg robots.

Base Wars is a futuristic baseball game where robots take the diamond for our fun. In this future future, managers have tired of shelling up exorbitant wages for human ball players and have turned to the only reasonable alternative: the robots.


In Base Wars, choose your robot team and customize them with weapons, tanks, wheels or cyborg legs. The game plays very much like the baseball we know and love, only when a game is contested, robots will guide him to see who is safe and who is out. When a player (robot) has lost a fight too many times, that player will be out for the rest of the game. When the player has lost three robots, he will lose the game.

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