Cut the Rope is a video game for Nintendo DSi released on October 20, 2011, which is the release of the iPhone game with the same name. It doesn't include the future boxes that were released in 2011 and 2012.


In this game, players must feed a green monster named Om Nom with candy. Some levels are locked, so they must collect enough stars to advance. Some stars need a fast collect, so you must let the candy hit it quickly so it doesn't vanish. It includes multiply packs, like the Classic, Foil, Fabric, Gift, Cosmic, Valentine, Magic, and Toy boxes.



  • If you lose the candy in the game when Om Nom is sad before the screen flashes, pause the game until it freezes. To get out of this, you must restart the level.
  • The game could freeze if you tap the drawing when the screen moves.
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