Cut Man is a Robot Master created by Dr. Light, but reprogrammed by Dr. Wily. He was first seen in Mega Man as one of the games 6 Robot Masters. His special weapon is the Rolling Cutter, which has him throw a scissors-shaped boomerang that can slice through things.


To defeat Cut Man, shoot him as he comes within range. He is one of the Robot Masters who gets knocked back when he gets hit. At the first hit, stand close to him, then he would either jump or throw his Rolling Cutter at you, which acts like a boomerang. It is best to stay far away from him as possible, then shoot him from afar. Keep him away by knocking him back with the Mega Buster. Jumping over his Rolling Cutter when he opens fire then sniping him is the most effective strategy against him.

Cut Man is weak against the Mega Buster, but his biggest weakness is Super Arm which you will obtain if you defeat Guts Man beforehand. The room he is fought in has only 2 blocks to use with Super Arm & you must hit him squarely with those to defeat him with just 2 hits.

Cut Man is also weak against Fire Storm, which you will get if you defeat Fire Man beforehand. However, it has the same power as Mega Buster, which deals 3 points of damage.

In Dr. Wily Stage 2, you will encounter him again for a rematch. There are no blocks to use with Super Arm, so use the first strategy to defeat him.

Other media

Cut Man appeared in every episode in the cartoon version of Mega Man. His design is mostly the same, but he has orange ears.

Cut Man only appeared in Mega Trouble in Megaland and looked very different the Captain N version.

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