Custom Robo GX is a Game Boy Advance video game by Noise and Nintendo released exclusively in Japan in July of 2002. The game was initially going to be released in the North America, though for unknown reasons they canceled the game. Two sequels, however, have managed to make it to America and Europe including the GameCube's Custom Robo: Battle Revolution and the Nintendo DS's Custom Robo Arena.


GX is a 2D affair, while the previous games in the series (and future ones) were in 3D. The battles took place in a 2D space, and this was perhaps due to the inability of the Game Boy Advance to render impressive 3D graphics, and do so at high speeds. Similarly to the other games, however, is that you still add parts to your robots such as new weapons, bodies, and so forth and then battle them against other Custom Robos. In battle, the player will attack the other robots until their health reaches zero, while doing all you can to prevent that from happening to you.

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