The Custom Robo series is a robot-fighting video game series developed by NOISE and published by Nintendo.


There are currently five games in the series:

Series Elements

The game consists of between 2 and 4 small robots fighting in tiny arenas called Colosseums. It's a common sport and a way to deal with disagreements similar to how Pokémon is in the Pokémon series. Excluding GX, they are all in 3D arenas and most have computerized look to them. There are many robot models that recur in the series but, the most prolific is the series mascot, Ray. While each game changes its look, it is always a strong balanced model in the Shining Fighter series. In addition, most games take place in a city that hides the dystopian world outside. The main character typically wants to enforce the law too.

Appearances in other media

Super Smash Bros. series

Ray Mk III from Arena appears in Super Smash Bros. Brawl as an assist trophy. Its predecessor Ray Mk II appeared as a trophy in Melee.