Curve Studios (also called Curve Digital) is a small publisher / developer that sometimes works with Nintendo. Their first big game was Fluidity, which was published on Wii Ware by Nintendo.


In January 2016, Curve Digital was purchased by The Catalis Group and was merged with Kuju Entertainment to form Curve Digital Entertainment.

List of Games developed

Title Release Date (NA) System Regions
Fluidity December 6, 2010 Wii (WiiWare) NA & EU
Fluidity: Spin Cycle December 13, 2012 3DS All
Stealth Inc. 2: A Game of Clones October 30, 2014 Wii U NA & EU

List of Games ported

Unlike most publishers, Curve Studios ports the games they publish for other independent developers. They started this practice in 2012 first mainly porting to the PS3 and Vita, but since then, they have expanded to other systems, especially the Wii U. This will only list games that came out on Nintendo systems.

Title Original Developer(s) Release Date (NA) System Regions
Lone Survivor Superflat Games 2014 Wii U NA & EU
Thomas was Alone Mike Bithell 2014 Wii U NA & EU
The Swapper Facepalm Studios 2014 Wii U NA & EU
OlliOlli Roll7 2015 Wii U


Ultratron Puppygames 2015 Wii U
Titan Attacks Puppygames 2015 3DS
Pumped BMX+ Yeah Us! 2015 Wii U
Nova-111 Funktronic Labs 2015 Wii U
The Swindle Size Five Games 2015 Wii U
Action Henk RageSquid 2016 Wii U
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