Curran is a playable character in Dragalia Lost. He is an inquisitor with the Ilian Church who works alongside Heinwald.

Official Description

An inquisitor of the Ilian Church. He acts tough, but is actually quite empathetic. An incident in his past led him to believe nothing is solved by merely punishing heretics, so he instead looks for proof his targets aren't heretical at all.

Official Description (Yukata Curran)

Curran, freshly clad in a yukata, strikes out with Lathna to enjoy a Hinomotoan summer festival. His initial trepidation quickly gave way to delight as he acclimated to the garb's breezy fit. Who knew inquiring could be so...comfortable!

Adventurer Stories


Adventurer Stories

Yukata Curran

Adventurer Stories

Official Profile

Posted by the Dragalia Lost Twitter account on June 8, 2022.[1]

  • Hobbies: Helping others with their problems
  • Talents: Reciting scripture from memory
  • Likes: The truth
  • Dislikes: His partner's roundabout explanations