Curious George is a video game based off the classic children's book of the same title, which has since been adapted into various media such as movies and kids' shows on the TV. Released in 2006 for the GameCube and Game Boy Advance, the former version was only available in the American states. Starring a monkey character as the main show of the game, by an interesting coincidence it was developed by Monkey Bar Games.

The gameplay follows the same principles and fashion of the movie's storyline, which consists of George - a curious monkey - following a man in a yellow hat, fuelled by his thirst for adventure and deep fascination of the human world.



  1. The Jungle
  2. Voyage to America
  3. The Man in the Yellow Cab
  4. Constructive Acrobatics
  5. Climb Time
  6. Apartment Antics
  7. Musem Mayhem
  8. Catching Fireflies
  9. Token Performance
  10. Flying High
  11. Back to Africa
  12. The Path to the Shrine
  13. Zagawa
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