Crystal Palace

Mario in the Crystal Palace.

The Crystal Palace is a place where the last Star Spirit is kept in the game Paper Mario. The Crystal Palace was built by the people of the Shiver Region on top of Shiver Mountain in order to honor the Stars of Star Haven and their work. As time passed the people of the Shiver Region forgot about the palace and forgot where the path was, leaving the palace deserted and let it freeze. When Bowser had stolen the Star Rod and imprisoned the Star Spirits, he ordered the Crystal King to take the palace and guard a Star Spirit there. Mario reached the Shiver Region and went from Shiver City to Starborn Valley. There he is told that the last Star Spirit is being held in the Crystal Palace on Shiver Mountain. Mario eventually climbs Shiver Mountain and reaches the Crystal Palace and then defeats the Crystal King and saves the Star Spirit there. The Crystal Palace has a strange architecture. The floor is covered with reflecting cement frozen with ice. There is a big piece of glass in every main room sometimes giving off your reflection. On the other side of the glass is a room similar to the one you're in. Every room has similar looks on both sides of the glass and the doors that lead to other rooms. In the last room at the very back of the palace is filled with creatures called Albino Dinos that will talk to you. The back door leads to an outside platform made out of snow and ice. This was the battle site against the Crystal King.

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