Cruis'n USA is a Midway developed arcade, Nintendo 64 and Virtual Console game released initially in 1994 in arcades. The Virtual Console version of the game is a remake of the Nintendo 64 title. The game was published by Nintendo and is a simple racing game that takes the place across the United States, from the Golden Gate Park in San Francisco to Washington D.C.



  • 63 Muscle Car is a 1963 Corvette
  • Devastator VI is a Jaguar XJ220
  • Excluding the Commodore 64 games that week, this game was the 200th Virtual Console release.
  • In the car selection screen, holding C-Up + C-Left + C-Down while any car (except the far right car) is highlighted will cause that car to change into a jeep, a school bus, or a police car. These can be upgraded the same as the ordinary cars.
  • On the high score screen, holding the analog stick left will cause the conveyor at the bottom to move. After about 30 seconds of holding left, an animated head will roll in accompanied by someone saying "I love this job!"
  • The trophy girl which appears at the end of each race is adult film star Shyla Foxxx, who's credited in the game under her real name Anutza Herling.[1] In the Nintendo 64 version, she was censored to wear a shirt instead of being seen in a bikini.


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