​Cross ​is a default name given to the Avatar, the customizable playable character of Xenoblade Chronicles X. He or she is created by the player and exists through the choices made during the game. He or she is sometimes referred to by other characters as "Rook".


Cross was one of the crew from an unspecified sector of the White Whale. Cross landed on Mira by evacuating the ship in a lifepod. Two months later, Cross's lifepod is discovered in Starfall Basin, and he or she is woken up from stasis by Elma. Cross is the only survivor in the area, and has no memory of Earth or the White Whale. Elma brings Cross to New Los Angeles, and he or she becomes a member of the private military organization BLADE.

Cross is highly customizable, allowing players to choose the character's name, gender, face type, hairstyle and color, eye shape and color, voice, skin, etc. Player control can be switched from Cross to another party member, but Cross can never be removed from the party. Cross is the only character who can select his or her Division affiliation, as well as a Class, which decides the weapons that he or she can wield. By completing Affinity Missions, Cross can learn other characters' Signature Arts. Cross's signature arts are Flame Grenade, Infuriate, Recuperate, Chrome Armor and Slit Edge.

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