Crono is the protagonist of Chrono Trigger, a role-playing game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. He is a red-haired teenager from 1000 A.D. who hails from the town of Truce. In the game, his quest is to save the world and it's past, present and future, with a variety of other characters that are added to his party by traveling through time. He courageously sacrifices himself in order to save the ones that have joined his party, though is eventually revived.

Like many RPG characters during the Super NES era, Crono is a silent protagonist. No verbal dialogue boxes sprout from his mouth, but rather his feelings are represented through basic actions, a common tactic used within the genre that have silent characters. Despite being considered a silent protagonist, he does in fact utter a few lines in one of the multiple endings in the game.


The Millennial Fair

Crono's long journey begins in Truce in 1000 A.D. when his Mom wakes him up. Crono then heads up north to the Millennial Fair at Leene Square to witness the unveiling of his friends new invention, the Telepod.

While at the festival, Crono accidentally bumps into a young girl calling herself Marle. They quickly become friends and travel around the Fair together. During the demonstration of Lucca's Telepod, Marle volunteers to be transported from one pod to the other. But when Lucca and Taban turn the machines on, Marle's pendant begins to glow. The Telepod energy reacts with the pendant and Marle suddenly disappears, dropping the pendant.

Unsure of where she went, Crono agrees to let the same thing happen to him in order to find her. So he steps into the Telepod, Lucca turns it on and Crono vanishes.

The Queen Returns

Crono appears in Truce Canyon. He last found himself standing in the Telepod at the Millennial Fair, then suddenly transported to 600 A.D. Coming out of the Canyon and into Truce, he talks to people and finally finds out where he is. Everyone talks about Magus and Queen Leene, but there's no sign of Marle.

Crono then travels through Guardia Forest to reach Guardia Castle where he finds Queen Leene. When Crono enters the Castle, some soldiers stop him. But a woman, appearing to be Queen Leene, says that he is a friend of hers. So Crono is allowed to roam the Castle unattended. While heading up to the Queen's chambers to find out what's going on, she reveals herself to be Marle in disguise.

While Marle explains that she was mistaken for the Queen, she suddenly vanishes out of thin air. As Crono heads out of the Castle, Lucca shows up. Lucca tells Crono that Marle is actually Princess Nadia from 1000 A.D. So if Marle has vanished, something must have happened to the Queen in the past. Together, Crono and Lucca set out to find and rescue the real Queen before any more damage is done to history.

The Queen is Gone

Now on a quest to rescue Queen Leene, Crono and Lucca head back through Guardia Forest and west to the Cathedral. While there, they find that monsters have been disguising themselves as humans. They also team up with a newcomer. He's a talking humanoid frog who aptly calls himself Frog. After battling some of those monsters, they finally find the real Queen Leene. As it turns out, Yakra has been masquerading as the Chancellor. Yakra was the one behind the Queen's kidnapping.

Crono, Lucca and Frog defeat Yakra and bring both the Queen and the real Chancellor back to Guardia Castle where they find Marle has suddenly reappeared. Knowing the Queen is finally safe, Frog decides to head back out on his own while Crono, Marle and Lucca go back through the Forest, Truce and up through Truce Canyon to the Time Gate.

Lucca uses a device she created called the Gate Key to open up the portal manually. Together, the three of them jump back to 1000 A.D.

We're Back!

After Crono and his friends rescue Queen Leene and return to 1000 A.D. via the Time Gate at the Millennial Fair, Lucca heads home to do some work while Crono escorts Marle back to Guardia Castle. They leave the Fair, travel through Truce and head through Guardia Forest to reach the Castle.

As soon as they enter the Castle, the Chancellor demands the guards place Crono under arrest for kidnapping Princess Nadia. Despite her objections, the guards obey the Chancellor and lock him away to await a trial.

The Trial

Crono's trial

Crono gets a trial in the courtroom at Guardia Castle.

Note: The happenings during the trial are determined by the player's actions in the previous chapters. Crono is either found guilty or innocent depending on what the player did while at the Millennial Fair. If Crono is guilty, he is sentenced to an execution. If he is innocent, the Chancellor tricks the prison guards into thinking he was guilty and an execution is set.

While sitting in his prison cell awaiting an execution, Crono manages to trick and overpower the guard in order to escape. He then fights his way through the prison towers toward the exit, where he finds that Lucca is willing to help with his escape.

After destroying the Dragon Tank, Crono and Lucca make a mad dash for the Castle doors. As they soon find themselves surrounded, Marle comes to their rescue and together the three of them leave the Castle. The guards end up chasing them into Guardia Forest where they find a new Time Gate. Realizing they have no other option, they use the Gate Key and jump through the Gate.

Beyond the Ruins

The Gate they found in the Forest sends them into the future. Now finding themselves in this strange new post-apocalyptic world, they try to find a way home. While talking to the locals, they find out they are in the distant future.

After appearing in Bangor Dome and paying a visit to Trann Dome, Crono and his party travel through Lab 16 battling strange creatures. They come across people living in Arris Dome and try to help them by battling the Guardian robot and it's Bits. When they find that the refrigeration unit had failed, they discover a corpse holding a seed. Crono hands the seed over to the people of Arris Dome and the man named Doan agrees to plant it in hopes that it will grow in their devastated world.

While searching the inner-workings of Arris Dome, they discover a large computer in the Info Center. It's within that computer's database that they find out an entity called Lavos destroyed the planet back in 1999 A.D. That's when Crono and his friends decided to go back in time and battle Lavos to save their future.

Using the computer, Lucca ran a search on time warps. The results informed them that there was a Time Gate on the eastern continent in Proto Dome. Doan gives them the Bike Key so they can use the Jet Bike in Lab 32. So Crono, Marle and Lucca leave Arris Dome and venture east.

When they arrive in Lab 32, Johnny challenges Crono to a race. Using the Jet Bike, Crono races him along the highway through the ruins and beats him. Having reached the other end of Lab 32, Crono and his party continue on their journey.

They soon reach Proto Dome, but find the inner chambers locked. Lucca also repairs a deactivated robot they find in the Dome. When switched on, the robot says his serial number is R66-Y, but Crono renames him Robo. Thankful for the repairs, Robo agrees to head into the Factory up north to turn on the power so they can open the door to the inner chamber to get to the Time Gate. But one of them has to stay behind to open the door because the power won't stay on for long. So Crono chooses whether Marle or Lucca stays, and the party of three heads north to the Factory.

The Factory Ruins

Crono and his party enter the Factory, but Robo has to deactivate the security systems first. They then travel deep into the Factory battling robot enemies and using security codes to access different areas.

They finally restore power to Proto Dome. But upon their exit from the Factory, they are confronted by the R Series of robots. The six R Series robots inform Robo that he is defective, which is why he is helping humans and fighting against his own kind. So the R Series destroys Robo. The two remaining party members battle the R Series and defeat them. They then take Robo back to Proto Dome where Lucca repairs him once again.

Knowing that Robo no longer has a life in 2300 A.D., he agrees to join Crono and his friends on their journey through time. So together, the four of them enter the Time Gate.

The End of Time

The Gate in Proto Dome ends up sending them to The End of Time. A mysterious old man is there to inform them of what the End of Time is and why they are there.

Crono and his party then meet Spekkio, a magical creature who grants them the power to use magic.

Urged by the old man, Crono and his party return to his home era, 1000 A.D., by traveling through the designated Time Gate represented by the pillars of light.

Note: From this point on, the player will have more party members than spots in his party. Crono will remain the leader of the party, and the other two members can rotate out at any time. The characters not in the party will wait at the End of Time until the player needs them.

The Village of Magic

Crono and his party return to 1000 A.D. only to find themselves on the Eastern continent that is inhabited by human-hating monsters calling themselves Mystics.

In talking to the monsters living in Medina, Crono and his party find out that Magus summoned the destructive entity Lavos back in 600 A.D. to destroy humanity.

In traveling north, they find the Forest Ruins where a magical pyramid stands amid the trees. They have no idea what it is.

Traveling west, they come across Melchior's Hut where they find Melchior, the swordsmith Crono and Marle met back at the Millennial Fair at Leene Square. He tells them that they can reach the Northwestern continent by going through Heckran Cave.

Journeying through Heckran Cave

Heading into the Cave, Crono and his friends battle strange monsters and eventually find a magical pool of water that transports them to the Vortex Pit just east of Lucca's house in Truce. After paying a quick visit to Taban and Lara, as well as Crono's Mom and Fritz and Elaine's Market, the party enters the Time Gate at the Millennial Fair, transporting them back to The End of Time. From there, they take the Gate that leads back to Truce Canyon in 600 A.D. on a mission to prevent Magus from summoning Lavos.

The Hero Appears

Appearing in Truce Canyon in 600 A.D., they travel through Truce and Guardia Forest to find that King Guardia XXI was wounded in battle and recovering at Guardia Castle. He explains that a "legendary hero" had appeared to defeat Magus and this hero was on the Southwestern continent.

Heading south, Crono's party eventually come to Zenan Bridge where the Guardia soldiers are starving and losing the battle at the Bridge. In an effort to help the soldiers, Crono and his party head back to the Castle to get rations, but all the Chef can spare is jerky. So they bring that back to the soldiers at the Bridge only to find that many of them have been killed.

To help out, Crono and his party head across the Bridge and defeat the monster Zombor. The Knight Captain is appreciative of their help.

Continuing south, Crono's party passes through Dorino where everyone's talking about the legendary hero. Also, Toma mentions the Rainbow Shell. They meet Fiona just south of Dorino, then head into Porre, the village where the legendary hero lives. Crono discovers the hero's name is Tata and he's entered the Denadoro Mountains in search of the Masamune sword. So the party journeys to the Mountains looking for Tata.

Tata and the Frog

As Crono and his party enter the Denadoro Mountains, they see the young boy Tata come running out being chased by a Goblin. The party ventures deeper into the mountains and eventually find the chamber that houses the Masamune sword. But in order to get the sword, they must defeat the magical creatures Masa and Mune.

After the battle, Masa and Mune agree that Crono and his friends just might be powerful enough to wield the sword. So they hand it over to them, but it's only the blade of the sword. The hilt is missing.

Masa and Mune magically transport the party to the base of the mountain and they head back south to Tata's house in Porre. It's there that they find the frightened Tata who hands over the Hero's Medal. He says a frog dropped it in a cafe.

Crono and his party then head into the Cursed Woods and find Frog's hideout. Frog, ashamed of himself for not being able to protect Queen Leene, gives Crono the hilt to the Masamune. They notice that Melchior's name is engraved on it. Wondering why, they journey back up north and use the Time Gate in Truce Canyon to travel to The End of Time.

From there, they use the pillar of light that takes them to Medina in 1000 A.D. so they can pay a visit to Melchior. Melchior tells them that it can only be repaired using a rare mineral that doesn't exist anymore.

The Rare Red Rock

Now on a mission to find the ancient red mineral to repair the Masamune sword in order to fight Magus, Crono and his party leave Medina in 1000 A.D., pass through the pillars of light at The End of Time, and travel to 65,000,000 B.C.

Upon their arrival through the Time Gate at the Mystic Mountains in the Prehistoric Era, Crono's party is confronted by humanoid reptilian creatures called Reptites. Finding themselves overwhelmed, a native of the era, a prehistoric human named Ayla, comes to their aid.

Ayla agrees to give them the red rock they seek, but first invites them to a celebration to welcome the newcomers to her village. During the party, Crono and his friends get acquainted with the prehistoric people and the era, and Ayla gives Crono the red rock. The celebration continues well into the night.

Footsteps! Follow!

After the celebration, they awaken to find that the Gate Key was stolen from them. Ayla suspects the Reptites, so they plan to head south for the Reptite Lair, but not before making a quick stop in the Hunting Range where they encounter a Nu.

In order to reach the Reptite Lair, they must first pass through the Forest Maze. Near the entrance to the Maze, they find Kino. Kino admits stealing the Gate Key because he was jealous of Crono. He thought Ayla liked Crono more than him. After an apology, Kino says the Reptites took the Gate Key from him.

Sending Kino back to the village, Crono and his party travel through the Forest Maze and enter the Reptite Lair. They battle prehistoric creatures and eventually find Azala, who has the Gate Key. Azala then unleashes Nizbel on them.

Azala gives up the Gate Key

Nizbel is defeated and Azala becomes frightened of their strength. She unwillingly hands over the Gate Key.

They travel back to Ioka Village where they recover their energy before making their way back to the Time Gate at the Mystic Mountains.

The Masamune!

Traveling via the pillars of light at The End of Time, Crono and his party, now in possession of the rare red mineral and the Masamune pieces, jump to the Time Gate in Medina in 1000 A.D. and head west to Melchior's Hut.

With all the pieces, Melchior is able to repair the sword. Crono then travels back to the End of Time and jumps to the Time Gate in Truce Canyon in 600 A.D. The party heads south to Frog's hideout in the Cursed Woods.

Presenting the Masamune to Frog, Crono convinces him to join his party and help defeat Magus. Together, they travel back to the End of Time so Spekkio can grant Frog the power to wield magic.

Jumping back to 600 A.D., the party heads for the Magic Cave. Using the power of the Masamune, Frog opens the rock entrance to the Cave. They journey through the underground tunnels battling strange monsters and emerge on the central continent, where the only thing that stands is Magus' castle.

The epic battle awaits.

Magus' Castle

Crono and his friends enter Magus' Lair only to find that they have to battle over 100 monsters. Along the way, they confront Magus' henchmen Slash, Flea and Ozzie.

After a seemingly long journey through the castle, they finally find Magus, who is chanting in an unknown language to summon Lavos. Even though Frog is wielding the Masamune, Magus is confident he can win the battle.

Throughout the fight, where all the fighters use magic, the Masamune's power weakens Magus enough that he drops to his knees, ending the battle. Reality suddenly seems to warp around them. Lavos' power creates a Time Gate. Magus and Crono's party members are all sucked into the Gate.

Forward to the Past

Crono and his friends awaken to find themselves in Ioka Village in 65,000,000 B.C. Ayla explains that she found them laying in the Mystic Mountains hurt. So the Time Gate in Magus' Lair ended up transporting them back to the Prehistoric era. But Magus was nowhere to be found.

After resting and regaining their strength, they find that Laruba Village to the north was in ruin, due to an attack by the Reptites. So Ayla decides to travel to the Tyrano Lair to defeat the monsters once and for all.

Crono's party follows her to the Dactyl Nest where they ride the Dactyls across the map to the Tyrano Lair.

Unnatural Selection?

Crono and his friends enter the Tyrano Lair only to be attacked by numerous prehistoric creatures. Fighting their way through the castle, they make it to the upper levels to find Azala, who unleashes the Black Tyrano on them. As the battle begins, a bright red star is seen in the sky.

When the battle ends and Azala and the Black Tyrano are beaten, Azala explains that the star will crash down to earth ushering in a long ice age. Ayla mentions that in her language, "La" means fire and "Vos" means big. They soon realize that Lavos is the entity that's crash-landing on earth. Lavos descends from space in the Prehistoric era.

Kino arrives with the Dactyls to rescue Crono's party just before Lavos crashes down on the Tyrano Lair.

When it hits and the dust settles, they return to the Lair to find nothing but a giant crater. Within that crater, is a newly formed Time Gate. Knowing that Lavos is deep underground where they can't reach it, Crono's party jumps through the Gate.

The Magic Kingdom

Crono and his friends find themselves in a new era. It's 12,000 B.C., known as the Dark Ages, where a magical kingdom floats high above the surface of the frozen planet.

Traveling through Skyways and Land Bridges, they make it to the floating kingdom where the people there, calling themselves the Enlightened Ones, are able to use magic. In talking to the people, Crono's party finds out that Queen Zeal is channeling Lavos' power through the Mammon Machine. Knowing that Lavos is the root of the inevitable destruction of the planet, they want to put a stop to Zeal's plans.

They learn that Marle's pendant was actually Schala's pendent in this era, and it's a magical pendant that can be powered up by the Mammon Machine. So they power up the pendant to use it to enter the Queen's chambers. As they enter, the mysterious Prophet warns Zeal that Crono can be dangerous. So Dalton sics Golem on them.

After Crono's party defeats Golem, they are imprisoned by Zeal, only to be rescued by Schala and her kid brother Janus, who know what their mother, Zeal, is doing is wrong. The Prophet means to kill Crono's party, but Schala wants their lives spared. So they all travel back down to the Time Gate, send Crono's party through it, and the Prophet forces Schala to magically seal the Gate for good.

Break the Seal!

They now finds themselves back in the Prehistoric era locked out of the Time Gate. The party members then remember seeing the emblem of the doors of Zeal Palace somewhere before. Back in 2300 A.D. So, riding the Dactyls, the party heads from the Lair Ruins back to the Time Gate at the Mystic Mountains.

Traveling via the pillars of light at The End of Time, they head for Proto Dome in 2300 A.D. Making their way through Lab 32, they enter the Sewer Access, which then leads them to Keeper's Dome. Unlocking the sealed doors with the pendant, the party discovers the time machine called Epoch.

Belthasar, the Guru of Reason, had downloaded his memory into a Nu. The Nu explains to Crono's party how the Epoch works. They then take the Epoch through time to 12,000 B.C.

The Guru on Mt. Woe

Now in possession of Epoch, Crono's party returns to the Dark Ages where they head to Terra Cave. In talking to the people there, called the Earthbound Ones, Crono learns that Queen Zeal locked up the Guru of Life on the Mountain of Woe.

So they head up the magic chain that tethers the floating mountain and defeat the monstrous Giga Gaia to rescue the Guru. It's then that they realize the Guru of Life is Melchior. Since the Giga Gaia was destroyed and the seal had been broken, the mountain was collapsing. They all got off the mountain safely before it fell into the water.

What Lies Beyond?

Crono's party returns to Terra Cave with Melchior after the Mountain of Woe collapses into the water.

Schala arrives with Janus to tell them that she has turned her back on Zeal. But then Dalton arrives and kidnaps her to take her back to Zeal.

Fearing that the Mammon Machine will awaken Lavos and bring destruction upon the world, Melchior gives Crono the Ruby Knife, the only weapon capable of destroying the machine.

Crono's party then takes the Skyways and Land Bridges back up to Zeal Palace where they confront Dalton. After the battle and Dalton is defeated, he opens a portal and travels to the Ocean Palace deep under the water. So Crono's party follows him through the portal.

Lavos Beckons

Crono and his party fight their way through the underwater Ocean Palace and eventually reach the newly relocated Mammon Machine, along with Queen Zeal, Schala and the mysterious Prophet.

While the Mammon Machine is channeling Lavos' energy, Crono stabs it with the Ruby Knife. Energy is discharged and they all find themselves on a different dimensional plane where Lavos finally emerges. The monstrous Lavos easily defeats Crono's party and leaves them within an inch of their lives.

It's then that the Prophet reveals himself to be Magus in disguise. After the battle at his castle in 600 A.D., the portal transported him here to the Dark Ages. Magus then attacks Lavos but is also defeated.

Lavos then tries to steal the life force from Crono's party, Magus and Schala, while Zeal stands back and laughs. Mustering some strength, Crono tries another attack, but Lavos obliterates him, leaving no remains...

The New King

In this chapter, Crono is dead. For chapter details, see the main article: The New King

The Time Egg

For most of this event, Crono is dead. For chapter details, see the main article: The Time Egg
Note: At this point, the player has more party members than spots in his party. Crono is no longer required to be a member of the party, and is able to rotate out at any time like the others. The characters not in the party will wait at the End of Time until the player needs them.
Crono's involvement in the following chapters depends on whether or not the player has him in their party.
Refer to the main chapter articles for further information.

The Hero's Grave

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The Green Dream

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Ozzie's Fort

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Geno Dome

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The Quest for the Sun Stone

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The Rainbow Shell

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The Fated Hour

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The Final Battle

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Throughout the game, Crono uses different swords. The following is a list of those weapons.

Crono wielding the Wood Sword

  • Wood Sword
  • Iron Blade
  • Steel Saber
  • Lode Sword
  • Red Katana
  • Flint Edge
  • Aeon Blade
  • Demon Edge
  • Alloy Blade
  • Star Sword
  • Vedic Blade
  • Kali Blade
  • Shiva Edge
  • Bolt Sword
  • Slasher
  • Swallow
  • Slasher 2
  • Rainbow Sword
  • Mop

Magic and Techs

Magic is used by the playable characters after reaching The End of Time, and Techs are combo attacks used by multiple characters during battle. This is a list of Crono's Magic attacks and Techs.

Single Attacks

Magic and special attacks
  • Cyclone
  • Slash
  • Lightning
  • Spincut
  • Lightning 2
  • Life
  • Confuse
  • Luminaire

Dual Techs

Attacks Characters
Aura Whirl
Ice Sword
Ice Sword 2
Crono and Marle
Fire Whirl
Fire Sword
Fire Sword 2
Crono and Lucca
Rocket Roll
Max Cyclone
Super Volt
Crono and Robo
X Strike
Sword Stream
Crono and Frog
Drill Kick
Volt Bite
Falcon Hit
Crono and Ayla

Triple Techs

Attacks Characters
Delta Force Crono, Marle, Lucca
Life Line Crono, Marle, Robo
Arc Impulse Crono, Marle, Frog
Final Kick Crono, Marle, Ayla
Fire Zone Crono, Lucca, Robo
Delta Storm Crono, Lucca, Frog
Gatling Kick Crono, Lucca, Ayla
Triple Raid Crono, Robo, Frog
Twister Crono, Robo, Ayla
3D Attack Crono, Frog, Ayla
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