Crocodile Isle (also known as Krem-Isle) was a island located below the Donkey Kong Island in the DK Isles. This island was a King K. Rool's rule, Kremling homeland, Kremling Krew's capital base of operations and enemy territory of DK Island.


The Crocodile Isle geography was a mountainous island with a sculpted crocodile head in lower, two grounds, sharp rocks in coast and upper fogs. Here contained lanscapes as: swamps, underground volcanoes, brambles and atmospheric glaciers in top. Several galleons is wrecked for years, including a ship where K. Rool was a pirate mate[1] that wrecked in salted swamp.

Under K. Rool's power, this island became gloomy and dark be cause from pollution and natural resources waste.[2] K. Rool's Keep was built in top serving as home of the first ruler, Kremland established in middle for K. Rool's minions in their day off and hives built by Zingers in forest areas.

Despite the island being wasted in exterior, existed a location hidden in Crocodile Isle depths called Kremling's Lost World completely preserved and Kremling culture place.


The earliest evidences in this island was in Lost World where Kremling society was formerly a tribe. Time later, Crocodile Isle became pirate kingdom when evil Kremlings formed a pirate society called Kremling Kuthroats, stolen object values were stored in underground caverns and a town was established in upper. The island had its first monarchy created by K. Rool considering same known ruler, but waste and pollution took over island because from his dictatorship.[3]

During the events of the second game, Diddy Kong and Dixie Kong invades the island for rescue the DK. After Kongs defeat the K. Rool in his pirate days in Krocodile Kore, he will end up clogging the energy volcano causing an explosion which will cause Crocodile Isle to sink into the sea.



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