Crashmo (JP) (known as Fallblox in the PAL regions) is the sequel to Pushmo, released in 2012, with the central mechanic being that the blocks have gravity properties. Like the original, it's developed by Intelligent Systems and published by Nintendo on the 3DS eShop.


You play as Mallo, a sumo-wrestler like character who must maneuver various blocks in order to use them to make a path up to the lost bird which is sitting on the Crashmo. You can grab blocks with the B button, and then move them by pulling, pushing, or sliding using the Circle Pad.

You can make small jumps by pressing A, and you can also move the camera, rewind time to undo a mistake, or zoom out. In addition to the main levels, there are also training levels, and the player can create their own levels. User-generated levels can then be shared with a QR Code.

List of Puzzles


The plot of the game is that Poppy, Papa Blox's Niece, has come to visit. She used a basket carried by 100 birds to fly in. However, Mallo stomps on the ground, and he accidentally scares away all of the birds, scattering them into the park. Mallo now must rescue all of the birds so that Poppy can get home.


For the most part, Crashmo received generally positive reviews. Critics such as Eurogamer and IGN hold the game in high regard for the challenging puzzles and fairly low cost. However, some also state that the game is slightly too challenging for beginners.


  • Critics and fans stated that Crashmo is the hardeat game in the series as well as one of the hardest 3DS games.
  • This is the only game in the Pushmo series to have save files (maybe the exception of Pushmo World, with a save file at each user).
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