Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex was originally released in 2001 for PlayStation 2, but was ported to the GameCube and Xbox in 2002.


Following the events of Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped, in a space station above Earth, the villains of the series are having a meeting. Uka Uka is angry at the rest of the them for the falling productivity of evil over recent years. Dr. Neo Cortex blames Crash. Uka Uka says that they must destroy Crash. N-Tropy mentions that Cortex has been creating something in his laboratory. Cortex announces he's planning a bandicoot warrior against Crash. He then says that he needs a power source. Uka Uka suggests an ancient group of masks called The Elementals being unleashed again. Meanwhile, on Earth, strange things are happening. Thunderclouds have appeared out of nowhere, an extinct volcano is erupting, and a tsunami struck on the beach. Aku Aku suspects that Uka Uka is up to 'his no-good tricks again'. Aku Aku then teleports himself to an intergalactic (but rather small) temple. Aku asks Uka about latest scheme. He says it's nothing new. The Elementals then appear. Aku Aka warns Uka Uka about the possible consequences. Py-Ro then orders the other elementals to energy blast Aku. Aku Aku dodges and gets away. When Aku Aku gets home, he tells that about The Elementals and says that they need the 25 crystals to re-imprison them. Aku Aku then ask Cocoabout the new warp room she's working on. She replies that she's nearly finished. Coco then sets up the warp room. Through hologram in the Warp Room, Cortex tells Crash about the weapon, Crunch.

In his space station, Cortex is angry that he's been beaten again. Uka Uka blames Cortex and tries to blast him, Cortex dodges and it hits a vital part of the space station. Crunch realises he's out of the villains control. Aku Aku then persuades Crunch to join the good. Crunch, Aku Aku and Crash dash to the hangar, only to find no ships. A ship, piloted by Coco, appears outside the hangar. Coco offers Aku Aku, Crash and Crunch a ride. When they arrive back on Earth, Crunch asks Aku Aku if that's the last they'll see of Cortex and Uka Uka. Aku Aku says that he'd like to think so, but probably no. Meanwhile, Cortex and Uka Uka's escape pod has crashed in Antarctica. Uka Uka blames Cortex and chases him round and round on a small glacier.




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