Crab Puncher

Crab Puncher is a boss in Mega Man 10 designed to resemble a big crab. Its weakness is the Commando Bomb. It is the boss of the second Wily stage.


It will shoot bubbles out of its mouth and its eyes move. One of the bubbles has a bomb, so Mega Man must avoid them. Its claws will move to be vulnerable, but it's not important to destroy the claws. Blocks will appear and will try to hurt him, but some have no spikes. It also stays on the arena until Mega Man shoots it. Its eyes move slowly in Hard mode.


Unlike Strike Man, the battle would be difficult without its weakness. The battle is similar to battling Karkinos in the arcade game, The Ocean Hunter. The Crab Puncher will block its eyes with its claws and will remove it to attack Mega Man. He must destroy the claw on the bottom to make it easier. Its weakness is the Commando Bomb to defeat its eyes once. Not only it's a good weapon, but it can push it back. It's not necessary to destroy the top claw. It will also shoot bubbles out of its mouth. Some bubbles will have bombs similar to Danger Wrap in Mega Man 7. Mega Man should hop on the block that's not too close to the top claw, so he should jump to hit the eye. When Mega Man destroyed the bottom claw, he can go under it to avoid some bubbles. In Hard mode, its eyes will move slowly to make it harder for Mega Man. It then repeats the pattern again.


  • Crab Puncher is one of the only bosses to have the word, "Crab". To other is being Bubble Crab from Mega Man X2.
  • Crab Puncher is one of the only bosses that are crabs. The others are Bubble Crab from Mega Man X2 and Cancer from Rockman Strategy.
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