Crab Grab is a Super Color Game & Watch video game released in 1984. It's model number is UD-202. In the game, crabs are moving towards your character. You must push them away and not let them pinch you. If three crabs pinch you, then it'll result in a game over, and you'll have to start over. There are four columns, each a different color (from left to right: purple, green, orange, and blue). The crabs will start to come from the top, and you'll have to move your character from left to right to push them away, though more and more will always come. The game was one of two Super Color games, the other being Spitball Sparky.

When Nintendo of America released the game, they made exclusive art for the box that wasn't present in the Japanese version. They also did this with Spitball Sparky and a couple of other titles. Within the game was a grey leaflet that told the gamer how to play. A similar leaflet was included in Spitball Sparky, though it was yellow instead of grey.

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