The Courage Reactor is a Duracell battery and a treasure found in Pikmin 2. It is found in the Valley of Repose in the game and is the first of the two hundred and one treasures that Captain Olimar, Louie and the Pikmin will find. It requires twenty Pikmin, all of which will be Red Pikmin. It is found dug in the snow, and no enemies are required in order to get it. Once the twenty Pikmin bring the treasure to the ship, you'll be rewarded with 280 Pokos, your first step to paying off your 10,000 Poko debt. Interestingly, due to copyrights the Japanese version of the game featured a can of pop rather than a battery. It is the 159th treasure on the List of Pikmin 2 treasures in the NTSC version and the 157th in the PAL version.


Captain Olimar's Journal

"We've recovered our first treasure! Amazingly, the Pikmin remembered how to salvage it. I can't understand their adorable language and I don't know what they're thinking, yet I'm so happy to see them. When I crashed on this planet, the Pikmin helped me locate my missing ship parts. In my darkest hour, the Pikmin were there for me. Now that I'm reunited with them, I know everything will be alright. It will...right?"

Sales Pitch

"Physical energy is not the only kind! The energy dearest to us is that made by love and courage."

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